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Community Revival

After a brief hiatus, we are now back in action! Contests, events, and much more!
Welcome to TOR Fans
TOR Fans is a community built on a foundation of real friendships, crazy fun, and of course, larger-than-life cookies! Our two guilds, Phantoms of Ashla (Republic) and Derelict Disciples (Imperial), provide a home for any players that are looking to have a great time in the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe. There's a spot just for you.

Our Community's Features:
  • Guild Ships
  • Multifactional
  • Weekly Events
  • 24/7 Voice Chat
  • Strong Leadership
  • Casual/Ranked PvP
  • PvE Endgame Progression
We make it our goal to bring players an enjoyable and memorable experience that combines a blend of people from all around the world. Being boisterous and exuberant is what we do, and we want you doing it too! Get in on some wholesome fun with us on the Ebon Hawk server!

So, what are you waiting for? Join Our Community!
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